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Frequently Asked Questions

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ShaPolish Nails has come together to craft many special gel nail polish colors to keep your fingertips looking beautiful. We have an assortment of over 300 colors which include shimmers and glitters for the maximum shine. Each quarter, more mesmerizing colors will be released for your enjoyment!

"Regular Nail Polish" also known as "Nail Lacquer" typically uses plain air to dry after application, which takes a while. On the other hand, our gel polish needs a UV/LED curing lamp to dry. The lamp is a small sacrifice in order to have dazzling digits in a flash! Pop your hand in the lamp for 30 seconds and you are as good as gold.

ShaPolish Nails has the most pure ingredients that are carefully infused into our nail polish. It is long lasting, has beautiful shine, is odor free, & 10 free (non-toxic ingredients). There's no HEMA, Camphor, or Formaldehyde. All of our polishes are standard value size (15ml) with more bang for your buck.


Prep your nails. Nails need to be buffed to remove the shine, clean, and dry for the polish to adhere correctly. Use a lint free wipe and isopropyl alcohol (any percentage is fine) to remove any oils from the nail plate.

Apply the ShaPolish Nails base coat. The bottle is labeled with the letter "B" on the top cap. Once applied, cure in the UV/LED lamp for 30-60 seconds. The base coat will be sticky once cured but don't worry, it is normal. Apply any color you wish to get perfect opacity within 1-2 coats, curing for 30-60 seconds between each coat. Make sure to "cap the free edge" by swiping the complete tip of the nail with polish This insures that the polish won't lift and chip prematurely.

Apply the ShaPolish Nails no wipe top coat. The top on the bottle is labeled with a "T". Again, make sure to cap the free edge and cure for 30-60 seconds.

Feel like the prettiest woman in the world! Look down at your fingertips and imagine laying on the beach in the sun, relaxing. You deserve a vacation and you deserve beautiful fingernails.


There's a couple options. File the top coat off your nails with a hand file, or with E-file. You can:

* Soak off the gel with 100% acetone. This usually can be purchased from Walmart or any nail supply store.

* Carefully use an e-file to remove. This is only recommended for experienced nail drill users.


Check your inbox for the order confirmation email. Click the link to check the status. If for some reason you are unable to locate the email, contact and we'll send it to you again.

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